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About us

Antica Fabbrica Italiana (AFI) is an Italian family company that combines the knowledge, tradition, and love for stone since the 1480’s.  We are located in the beautiful Valpolicella area, close to Verona, in North Italy.

Our mission is to grow throughout the world the love for Natural Stone, Mother Nature’s original green building material.  

We specialize in distribution of exotic granites, beautiful Italian marbles, and unique translucent onyxes. 

We are constantly traveling the world to select quarries and invest our resources to bring Nature’s most precious undiscovered gifts to your home. 

We hand pick all our blocks and go through constant quality control to give you the very best competitive price and outstanding quality with excellent customer service.

To best serve the North American market, we have recently opened a branch north of Seattle in Washington State. 

Our customers can benefit from the excellent selection and quality. Our knowledgeable staff can help you pick the perfect material for your project.  

You are welcome to visit our warehouse by calling us at 425 239 6278.

                                                                      Thank you!        

                                                                           The AFI Team             

                     What can be greener than a product that comes directly from the Earth? 

                                                           Use Natural Stone to support long-term ecological balance.